~ About Me ~

Where to begin? It's so much easier to talk of other things than of myself, so I tend to be more guarded with people
I don't know. I'm a Cancerian, if that helps! I enjoy my home and family, my pets, nature and wildlife. I live at home with
my husband of almost 19 years, and our 3 sons between us are now out living on their own. I've been a teacher since 1994,
and a subsitute teacher for 4 years prior to that. However, I am now retired and free to pursue my interests and curiosities
to my heart's desires!

I have enjoyed webpage design for several years now, have taught it to junior high age students,
and today I have 5 sites online (four of which I compete with).

The Faery Pool

Linda's Haunted Halloween

Twilight Illusions

Mermaid's Realm

Linda's Winter Wonderland

So why faeries you may ask? Real or not, faery folk legends tie these spiritual and magical entities closely with nature.
Protecting trees, waters, plantlife and wildlife and coexisting in harmony with the natural world has always seemed a rational
and prudent way to exist on this plain. Enjoy the gifts that were given us by our creator! Live peacefully, sing, dance and
make music! We can learn from the faeries! Sadly, so much of the world is being destroyed by greed and hate. Focusing on
the positive and on how we can take steps every day to make the world how we want it to be is important to do. Each of us
can do small things that add up! Below are some of my causes that are impotant to me:

Union of Concerned Scientists

Defenders of Wildlife

American Rivers

Earth Justice


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