Would you like to adopt a bottled faery for your website?


Greetings faery lovers! I see that you've found your way through the mists to our faery adoptions realm. Due to different circumstances, these lovely faeries are looking for new homes! They all have their different personalities, but have promised to bless your website! :)


1. You may adopt up to 3 faeries.
2. Be kind to your faeries, and place them in a visible spot on your website.
3. Show them lots of love, and they may grant you wishes!

Age: 15
Personality: Happy & Inquisitive

Age: 100
Personality: Tranquil & Meditative

Age: 35
Personality: Shy & Suspicious

Age: 8
Personality: Curious & Flighty

Age: 18
Personality: Pouty & Temperamental

Age: 50
Personality: Nature-loving & Spiritual

Age: 40
Personality: Hot-tempered & Dramatic

Age: 65
Personality: Earthy & Musical

Age: 30
Personality: Nurturing & Kind

Age: 14
Personality: Watchful & Guarding

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