"You have found a fairy Ring deep within the forest, a circle of mushrooms.  The inside is cleared, but the ring has mosses and grasses and tiny flowers within it.  Ferns and sweet smelling grasses surround it.

Some people will speak to you of spore and fungus circle.  They would say that with each season of growth,  fungus sprouts outside the edge of the space it filled the previous season,  moving ever outward,  leaving depleted ground within the circle.  Those who have opened their minds, hearts, and souls to the realms of magic may speak to you of the fairies.

Those who know the fairies will tell you that fairy rings are where the Fairies dance and perform many of the rituals of their own magic.  Legends warn you that those who join the Fairy dance within the circle under the moon,  are sometimes lost to time and place.  They may even disappear from mundane space forever.  Those who do return are always thereafter a bit apart from other human folk.  They are still listening to the music of the magic realms."

- Peggy Jentoft -



There are many names for the Fairy folk.  Given the different cultures, fairies were also called the Wee Folk, Fey, the Sidhe (shee), Fays, Fees, and Devas, amongst many other names.  It has been said that some faeries are the plant spirits themselves.  The Fae, if kindly sought, may gift you with great wisdom and healing.  They may also seek your help with healing the land.  These Fae are among beings you might meet beside or within the Faeries' ring.

When you go to visit the Fairies' ring, be sure to bring a gift to leave! You could perhaps bring them some food, some pretty cloth, bright stones or crystals.  Something special of yours, such as a song, may attract the Fairies as well.  Just like humans, fairies are more attracted to lightness and happiness rather than sadness and depression.  In fact, much that has been written about fairies has to do with them playing music, dancing, singing and basically partying all night.  When you are trying to attract them, try playing beautiful music, dance a little and feel happy!  Then sit near the Fairies' ring in a meditation to commune with them.

Before you begin, be aware that some of the Fairy are sad or angry with the way humans have treated them, and while a kind and loving approach will be greeted kindly, you may feel the emotions of the Fae and perhaps some of the pain that they feel.  Your experience will be your own.  It cannot be predicted if the Fae will choose to communicate with you or not.  Remember they are not completely like humans–they are super sensitive to what you say, so choose your words carefully.

Communication will work best if you are in a relaxed, open state of mind so go to a quiet, comfortable place and take a few relaxing deep breaths.  You might want to put on some soothing music, light a candle or some incense–anything that will quiet your mind and body.  The goal here is to have your mind cleared of all static, so it will be easier to hear what they are saying in your head.

once you are pretty sure they are nearby and you are relaxed and ready, start by introducing yourself.  I usually say something like, “Hi I’m (your name), I know that fairies exist, and I sense you here.  What is your name?”  Listen carefully for an answer, and try not to doubt the response you receive in your head.  It may take a few tries before you get a response, but fairies are very curious, and they will definitely draw closer and see if you are for real.  Once they see that you are sincere, they will usually respond.

Lastly, watch your environment for communication from the fae.  Be aware, and notice elvish energy such as mists, hazy movements, orbs, pops of energy and quick movement out of the corner of your eye.  There’s nothing quite like seeing a ball of light coming right at you to convince you that fairies are real!



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