I planted my herbs one year at that old house, and one day the thyme plant yelled at me with a snippy voice, she didn't like it where she was, and wanted to be closer to the rocks. So I moved her a little closer. Days later, my friend Lisa was out there, and the thyme plant yelled again. Lisa said, "She doesn't like it here," so Lisa moved her closer to the rocks. Days later, I noticed the plant was in the middle of the rocks!

When I moved here, it took me awhile to address the needs of every plant. When I clipped one of the roses back, in a voice like a Villianess out of a Disney movie, I heard, "It's about time you clipped me!" I was surprised to hear a voice like that out of a rose, and she asked me, "Why are you surprised?"

I said, "Because your name is Orange Dream."

She replied, "I can show you a dream."

"No no no, thank you!" I replied. I don't even wanna see her dreams!

I guess I ought to tell you I've seen many a fairy. They too speak straightforward, not the fluff n stuff you would imagine out of those sweet looking things. Many people visiting our old place saw gnomes and elf type beings. Some looked like what you would expect, the size of a two year old. Some were very small with a bark-like texture for skin. One of these little ones once told me I needed to build a garden between my house and the driveway... build it up with rocks and fill it in with dirt. I blew him off, 'cause it was 95 degrees then. When talking to Lisa one day on the phone, she was caught by surprise to see a little spirit with that bark-like texture. He told her I blew him off and needed to build this garden area. So I did it.

The day I was gathering rocks for this garden, I threw them from one area closer to the driveway. Those rocks were as light as marshmellows. My daughter stopped by when I was doing this, and laughed because it was so very easy for me! She could see those rocks had no weight. Sometime after this was finished and I had it full of plants, a tropical storm came thru. The water was rushing down the driveway, and it looked like we could go white water rafting! This garden saved our house from the rush of water that day.

We were blessed!

~ Jan Jensen ~