Most of us have no clue that dozens of the Native American tribes in the United States believed in the "little people", just as the Europeans did for many centuries. In fact, there have been real fairy sightings in the United States for hundreds of years. Some real fairy sightings have occurred in the past couple of years, right here in America.

The Cherokee tribe of the North Carolina mountains believed in different types of fairies, including the moon-eyed people, laurel people, and more. Of course they had their own Cherokee names for the little people which sounded a lot different than the names presented above. And just as the Irish and Scottish believed that fairies could be benevolent and also mischievous, so did the Cherokee. In many cases, they believed that the fairies were nature spirits who guarded the mountain and the wildlife living on the mountain. Some stories tell of the fairies actually helping the Cherokee on hunting trips, while other stories depict a different type of fairy that liked to play tricks on the Cherokee hunters by tripping them, et cetera.

There is one true story of Chimney Rock in North Carolina of a real fairy sighting that happened in the late 1800s, and it was experienced by more than one person. All of whom were not Cherokee Natives but were Caucasian villagers.

There was a professor (a man of reasonable logic) in 1891 who was working in his home when there came a knock at the door. A few children had pleaded with the professor to come to the side of Chimney Rock mountain to see the "people floating around on the side of the mountain". The professor ended up dismissing this cry for help as simply a prank being done to amuse the children on a boring Summer's day. But then, a few minutes later, another knock came at his door. This time it wasn't the mischievous children but an older woman who lived in the village. She was also pleading with him to come and see the "ghosties" on the side of Chimney Rock mountain. At this point he decided he would accompany the old woman to Chimney Rock to assure her that there was no supernatural thing floating on the side of the mountain.

But when he got there, he saw it. There were dozens of bright beings flying around the side of the mountain...right there on the side of Chimney Rock! He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Was he witnessing a real fairy sighting? These beings were bright and all wearing white gowns, they looked like humans but were flying. There was dozens of these fairies, even appeared to be men, women, and children. It was a sight that he never dreamed of seeing in all of his years. Many more people from the village went that day to see the real fairies or little people, some in later years claiming they were indeed angels, and the story lived on for years afterwards at Chimney Rock.

In my honest opinion, I believe they had a real fairy encounter that day though many religious people don't want to attribute the sighting to real fairies but would rather say they were angels at this point. Such a shame, really.